Our Mission

Our mission is to make the best quality products and deliver the finest customer service to you.

This is why we manufacture our products in house using the newest technology and innovative processes available. Ultimately, our team of dedicated engineers, factory workers, supply chain management and office staff make the difference.

We are a family run business and because we control every aspect of the manufacturing process we offer a full 3 year warranty on all our products. You can rest assured knowing that we care about your satisfaction.

Due to our unequalled experience, MedSurface has the talent and technology to provide ground breaking products, maintain high levels of inventory and provide personalized customer service at a level that exceeds your expectation.

About Our Company

A chiropractor stretches a female customer's arm in his surgery

Our Company

Our company is about delivering superior value to healthcare professionals.

  • Focus – We only make treatment-tables for the medical industry.
  • Accuracy - Quality, reliability, & dependability comes from ISO9001 inspection procedures
  • Speed - Next day shipment from three regional U.S. facilities
  • Flexibility – We offer 48 cushion fabrics/color options
  • Fully-Featured – Options offered by competing brands come standard with our tables.

MedSurface Manufacturing

MedSurface Manufacturing provides a unique value proposition. We are a 100% American-owned and operated manufacture that builds feature-rich treatment-tables for healthcare professionals. We provide value by choosing a set of business activities that are very different from our competition:

  1. We innovate, design and engineer our products at our U.S. headquarters;

  2. We employ four full-time mechanical engineers – all with bachelor’s degrees or higher;

  3. We assemble, package and inspect every table in Anaheim, CA;

  4. We stock and ship from our Anaheim facility;

  5. We stock & ship spare-parts from our U.S. West-coast facility;

  6. Customer Service is located in Anaheim, CA;

  7. Value is created by operating a quality 100% American owned off-shore factory;

    1. Our offshore plant is FDA registered;

    2. Our offshore plant is ISO 9001 compliant;

    3. We have 20+ years of experience doing business in Asia;

    4. We ship our product from our American-owned & operated facility in Asia to our American-owned facility in Anaheim, CA;

    5. Quality-Assurance inspections are conducted twice:

      1. Before product leaves our American-Owned & operated off-shore factory;

      2. Again, when it is received & assembled at our U.S. facility.

  8. Finally, we deliver more value to the healthcare professional by eliminating offshore factories, trading companies, importers, U.S. “national” distributors & other middlemen. Instead we choose to authorize only local-dealers that offer personalized service to healthcare professionals. Call us @ 714 632 1012 for an authorized dealer near you.


Our Company is about providing healthcare professionals with superior value.

“We are beyond impressed with the service we have received from ALL of the MedSurface team. Not only are the tables excellent, the staff is exceptional.  The service team is quick to respond when there is a problem, the sales team is responsive and helpful with any and all questions”

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"Thanks for the excellent customer service from you and your crew. The MedSurface Hi-Lo tables are excellent. Having hi-lo capability from all four sides is brilliant. The tables are well padded, are comfortable, and they look good. In terms of pricing, they are excellent value and the best price we found. Five Stars. Thank you very much."

Simon Gibson PT
Montclair Physical Therapy, Inc.